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November 04, 2009


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That was a wonderful story John. I really like what you said about not knowing what you were, but accepting you 100% just for what you stand for. Although I no longer have a need to declare a religion it really bothers me that many so called "Christians" put down others for not being one of them, being from a different Christian belief, or just being different. If you believe in Heaven, than you need to believe that he will accept all in and that he does forgive. My friends and I were talking this last week about being spiritual versus having religion. We have aged and realized that in our lives and from what we have been through that there is nothing wrong with not having religion, but still being spiritual and accepting of all people, no matter who they are. I was recently lectured by a "Christian" on how Halloween is evil and only for those that worship the devil. I am sorry, but how can a Holiday that brings joy and happiness in so many ways to so many people be declared as the "Evil" holiday. Judging people like that is just not right. Though I do not declare myself as "Christian" I would like all the "Christians" out there to look at what you said and accept everyone, no matter race, income, or lifestyle. I am so glad that you have found your passion and live to celebrate it.

Tiffany Merriman

That's awesome, John!!! What a great story for this morning!!!! Welcome home :) (Almost)

Mark Boothby

John, Thank God for Hugging Dave! I cannot think of what our world would be like without some Daves around. It is so right! If we are clothed in Christ, it is unmistakably dynamic and breaks down walls (and personal space bubbles) in ways we cannot imagine. Right now, I believe the Lord is up there smiling about Dave and that he got his missionary sons and "heirs of the promise" to meet and share the common passion of their hearts, even if he does it in the airport and you were doing it in Africa. Same heart...same mission.

I love you John and miss your mentorship and friendship a lot.

Mark Boothby



You are a special lady! Thanks for taking the time to comment. We all have different experiences and predispositions in life based upon our experiences and our varied encounters with the authentic and the counterfeit (I am afraid I have been both in my lifetime). The world is made up of beautiful people, but we all carry with us different battle scars that alter our interaction with each other. Christ has given us not only a model to pattern our life, but a person to interact. We have all been "dippy" (OK, I often still am :)), but the important thing is to keep focused on the Creator and His plan for us--ultimately made clear through Jesus Christ and his love letter to humankind. Thanks for being on the journey with me and I pray that you have many genuine encounters with our loving Christ and His followers in days ahead. You are special!
I hope this doesn't sound rushed, but I have 3 beautiful kids reminding me that we have a date to go see "A Christmas Carol" in 5 minutes. :)
Where faith and life converge,


Tiffany, Glad to be home! thanks for following the blog. - jg


Mark, I miss you too! Why don't you move to Portland and we can be neighbors! :) Or come and mentor young men in women on their journey as "heirs of the promise" through Immersion? HMMM... sounds fun! I love ya bro!

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