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June 22, 2010


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akol sylvia

oh garrick you are right wat ever you said about father's lav for us.recently in may this year ma father fel sick,remember i told you i grew up hating ma dad but wen i encountered with christ ma life changed in 2009 for that i started developing that lav for him.but let me say in may is wen i was touched to see ma dad in the hospital i remembered the toil he has toiled for me and yet i was helpless the only thing i could was to cry looking at his condition.i could not concetrate in schol,then i talked to paster ken about it he prayed with me he told about his life experience the word of encouraged me,he also told at this time at least show lav to ma dad.iw ent with pastor ken to the hospital,we prayed together and icontinued visting him every day.he recovered after one month that was in july.But do you know wat hurt most bse am in the university ,i have just recently came to reality that ma dad loves he has been toiling for me to pay ma school fees ,now that amto show him ma love his fals sick .i was scared he was going to die but give back GOD the glory taht ma dad has the strengh though he is HIV postive but ma prayer is that GOD MAY GIVE him more days especial that he give his life to christ.....garrick its like i have talked much yet i have more for especialy about GOD'S LOVE for me this semester HIS love has been great for wen i think about it i rol tears of joy i have tested of love ,goodness,mercy and i wil always boast in HIM.THANK YOU GARRICK FOR BEING MA FRIEND i wil tell you more next tie.


I trust you experience the Heavenly Fathers love in a very special way during this time of challenge! i pray for you and your family today! It is a privilege to be your friend!

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